It’s all about preserving your precious memories. And today that means moving to a digital format, so that you will be able to store them and watch them on your computer, as well as playing them on your DVD player. Vern Reynolds-Braun, owner/operator of Movin’ Memories, has been a video and multimedia producer for over twenty years. Having slowed down to a kind of semi-semi retirement he came up with this idea for a home-based business one day when he and his partner Kate were looking for something.

They came across a box full of photo prints and VHS videos, some of which they discovered dated back to their first date! The VHS videos were a transfer of old 8mm films of home movies. While they were flipping through hundreds and hundreds of photos they also wondered how they could even watch the old VHS cassettes with the VHS machine tucked away somewhere in another hiding spot.

This dilemma is experienced by a lot of people as we are switching to new technologies. Their precious memories meanwhile deteriorate as they are stored in some unlabeled box.

Here’s a tip: if you have tons of photos or slides, just get a few dozen or so transferred, see how great they look on your computer first …then decide if you want to take the plunge on ALL those memories!!

Don’t forget: we offer free advice (e-mail) if you’re doing it yourself!!

Now’s the time to preserve your precious video, photo and musical memories on today’s digital formats!!

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