This dilemma is experienced by a lot of people as we are switching to new technologies. Their precious memories meanwhile deteriorate as they are stored in some unlabeled box.

Movin’ Memories offers these services:

  • FREE e-mail help with your home do-it-yourself digital computer project: many people now have home computers that are capable of transferring your video and printed photos to a digital format. If you have questions about how to accomplish this, you can contact┬áMovin’ Memories and we’ll reply with suggestions on how to ‘get it done’. OR, if you feel you would benefit from one-on-one training in your home at your computer, this can be arranged at very reasonable rates.
  • If you don’t have the computer equipment, or if you just don’t seem to be ‘getting it done’, we can transfer your videos from just about any format to a DVD or file that your can watch on your TV or computer.
  • Transfer your printed photos or 35mm slides to a digital format that you can watch on your home computer or create a DVD slide show for you to watch on your TV. We can add music or narrative for an extra fee.
  • Ask us about transferring your old vinyl records and audio cassettes.

We do NOT transfer films to video as we don’t have the equipment for that. In case you’re looking for that service we suggest that you look up a service in the yellow pages under video production.

If your spring cleanup includes movin’ your memories to today’s digital formats, contact us to help you ‘get it done’. Pick-up and delivery is free within the South Calgary Community area. A small charge in other parts of Calgary will apply.

Video Conversion Service